Gutter Installation & Replacement

house rain gutterIf your roof has suffered storm damage, there’s a good chance your gutters were damaged, too. While it seems pretty straightforward, hanging a gutter system is more complicated than many people realize. Every drain needs the proper pitch, or slope, in order for optimum drainage. Also, channeling the water away from the foundation and also to avoid flooding or landscape erosion requires the proper knowledge. If you need it taken care of, our gutter team has the knowledge and experience to do it right.

The Purpose of Gutters

While they don’t really add to the aesthetics of your home, gutters serve a very functional purpose. Gutters are designed to control the flow of water from your roofing surface and direct the rainwater to the appropriate location. The primary concern is keeping water away from your foundation, meaning the gutter system will channel the water away from the building. Other places you may want to be free from the runoff are overhangs where pedestrians walk and sensitive flower beds. You may also have a rain barrel to store rainwater for future use.

Indications of a Problem

Make sure you look around your house during or after a good rainfall. If you notice water spilling over the sides of your gutters, something is wrong. If you see puddles of water around the foundation of your home, that is a sign that something is wrong. If the gutters are sagging in some areas or look bent or damaged, that is a problem. The wood behind the gutters should not be bloated, cracked, or rotting. If observe any of these symptoms, you should have your gutter system checked out.

Gutter Maintenance

Just like most things in and around your home, proper maintenance can prevent problems. Some of these items you can do yourself or hire a handyman.

  • Make sure you clean your gutters regularly. Leaves and debris build up and prevent proper drainage.
  • Seal Leaks. Check to see if water is leaking out of the joints and seams. If so, you can seal the leaks with silicone caulk.
  • Secure the gutters. If the gutter is sagging or loose, you may need to replace the gutter spikes or screws.

Gutter Materials

Several different types of materials are used in gutter systems. In order of increasing cost, vinyl, aluminum, steel, and even copper are all used in gutters. The cheaper the material, the shorter the lifespan is likely to be. We can help you choose the best option for your situation to balance cost and maintaining the value of your home.

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